Making Sure Your Hat Fits Properly

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Each head has it’s own size, each its own particular shape. A hat may fit perfectly, but if its form, width, height and breadth do not harmonize with the shape of a customer’s skull and face, a discordant note seems to spoil the appearance of the wearer.

A hat must fit not only accurately, it must also conform nicely with the cranium’s contour to give maximum satisfaction.


Head size is based on the circumference of the head. If a string is placed around a head and it measures 21.8750 inches and this circumference of the odd oval is made into a circle, the diameter of the circle would be 7 inches, the equivalent of a size 7. International hat sizes differ slightly. English sizes are based on the true diameter of a circle, while American sizes have a slight deviation. There is 1/8 difference allowed in some hat size charts.

What head shape are you?

  • Long Oval : Hats fit tighter front to back or are loose on sides.
  • Round Oval : Hats fit tighter on sides, and more often than not, brims flip up in the back
  • Regular Oval : No pressure points. A perfect head shape. Extremely unusual!

For the best possible custom fit, please advise us of any irregularities in head shape.

How to Find your hat size

Measure the distance around your head at the position where your hat normally rests, using a soft, cloth tape measure (dressmaker/tailor type). This is usually done right above the ears and across the forehead. Find the measurement and corresponding hat size on the chart below that comes the closest to your usual hat size. Remember to include both your usual hat size and specific tape measurement (to the nearest 1/8”) with your order. If you need help figuring out how to measure your head, watch our quick instructional video.

Size Chart

Head Size in Inches Head Size in Centimeters American Hat Size
19 3/8" 49.2 cm 6 1/8
19 1/2" 49.5 cm 6 1/4
20 1/4” 51.4 cm 6 3/8
20 3/4” 52.7 cm 6 1/2
21” 53.3 cm 6 5/8
21 1/2” 54.6 cm 6 3/4
21 5/8” 54.9 cm 6 7/8
22 1/8” 56.2 cm 7
22 1/2” 57.2 cm 7 1/8
23” 58.4 cm 7 1/4
23 3/8” 59.3 cm 7 3/8
23 3/4” 60.3 cm 7 1/2
24 1/2” 62.2 cm 7 5/8
25” 63.5 cm 7 3/4

special fit problems

Please let us know if you have any special fit problems that you are aware of. We will be more than happy to help you determine what size and shape are best for your head.