About Rand’s Custom Hats


Man riding grey horse wearing a Rand's hat.

The fact that you are reading this means you are a person with discriminating tastes and have an eye for quality. Here at Rand’s, we strive to give you the best custom-made hat money can buy. Customer satisfaction is important to us. If our hat doesn’t meet your expectations, please bring this to our attention. We want every hat to look great and fit perfectly. The Rand family has been making fine quality custom hats in Billings, Montana for 30 years. We started as a very small custom hat business catering to local cowboys and cowgirls. Since that time we have grown to be the most respected name in custom made hats.

While we don’t work by the light of an oil lamp, much of the work that goes into creating today’s Rand’s Custom Hat is the same painstaking hand crafted labor that hat makers used 150 years ago. Rand’s hats are custom-made by one person from start to finish. This means your hat is hand-made, hand-sanded, and hand-finished. Our hatters take pride in creating your hat to meet your exact specifications. Please remember that we use rulers and not calipers! This means that each hat will have some variations. Our hatters want to make sure each hat has a crease height and brim width that compliment the style you order. We try hard to make the hat the way you want it!

Dedication to Quality!

Occasionally, a hat may not fit or look quite the way you expected. In that case, let us know. We will do whatever it takes to make the hat please you. We will resize it, redo it, or remake it to make sure you’re satisfied. We will gladly solve your problems or make you a new hat, but don’t ”practice ordering” on us! Please keep in mind, this hat was custom-made just for you, so we are unable to refund your money. Our assurance to you is quality, fit and style.