Fedoras, Derby’s and Homburgs Collection

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All Rand’s hats are custom made. The hats shown here feature style suggestions and options but the possibilities are honestly unlimited. Prices will vary depending on the fur quality & other choices.

Please Note: Hats shown within the Gallery of Hats feature, in many cases, are one-of-a-kind artisan bands that may or may not be currently available. All the hat models can be crafted but please ask about the pictured hat band availability. Hat body colors may vary due to dye lot variance.

Don't forget the hatband, when you think about the style of hat that you would like. You can see a selection of the available hatbands here.


Rand’s Custom Hats are available in various fur qualities. As we use only natural furs, some colors are not always available in higher qualities due to availability of the basic material.

BLEND – BEAVER BLEND 50/50 – The Beaver 50/50 is made of 50% beaver.

20x – PURE BEAVER 100% – Pure Beaver, water repellent.

Select – PURE BEAVER 100% – Pure Beaver extra time hand-sanding for a premium finish. Thinner, more water repellent and a crisp finish.

100X – PURE BEAVER 100% – Top of the line, finest, smoothest hand sanded finish with a hand-laced sweatband.

100XP – PURE BEAVER 100% PACKAGE – Included with our top-of-the-line 100X hat is a hand laced sweatband; $250 credit towards any hatband, custom lasered wooden stay-in-shape, one time tune up or restoration. Your hat is shipped to you free of charge in a hat can.

CLEAR – Rarest of the lot. This belly fur felt has no dark hairs. One color only.

Step-by-Step Hat Ordering Instructions for your own Rand's custom hat.

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