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Hover over image for detail Vintage Collection 152 Lady Bronc Rider

152 Lady Bronc Rider
152 Lady Bronc Rider

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Color Bone
Quality 10X or 20X
Distressing Optional, shown without
Crown 6"
Front 3 3/4"
Back 5 3/4"
Brim Width 4 1/2"
Brim Shape Out & up, packer front & back
Pencil Roll Optional, small sides shown
Ribbon SB 0689 9 ligne
Hat Band LBS #1 brown leather
Wind String Brown leather, brown mixed horsehair tails
Lacing Brown parallel
Options Illustration: LBR & famous brands brim underside

All hats are custom made, all of our collections only show our suggestions, the prices will vary depending on the fur quality & other choices. The the options and possiblities are honestly almost unlimited.